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Exploded View

While water strongly absorbs microwaves for an instantaneous temperature rise, the cost of microwave heaters is generally regarded as prohibitive. A new approach to microwave heat transfer may change that perception. Based on a modular concept, the design centers on a simple element: a heat-resistant polysulfone injection-molded wave guide with inner pipe. The wave guide conducts microwave radiation emitted by the antenna of a magnetron. Only the water heats up, as the UDEL(reg) polysulfone (Amoco Chemical) offers low microwave absorption.

Test results show that 1 kW of power permits a 15C temperature increase for a water flow of 1 liter/min. Applications? Hot Drinks Vending Machine, Restaurant coffee makers, Heating of ultra-pure water for semiconductor device manufacture; medical products; chemical processes, Space heating and Hot water equipment

This artcle is dedicated to the microwave technology applied to the heating of liquids with dielectric loss such as water and beverages.

Predevelopment has been performed and the  presentation files are available. It has become general and public knowledge through Internet since its introduction on May 1, 1996.

If this device is developed and marketed by someone else and if your company would only be interested in buying this product for OEM or industrial applications please send me an email at infos@mahiconsultant.com  and i will contact you when it will be commercially available in the United States or in Europe.

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