Microwave heat transfer.

Industrial Applications

Radiator and water-heater manufacturers, restaurant suppliers; chemical or medical products and processes.


The temperature increase is obtained by direct absorption of microwave radiation by the liquid to be heated.


The heating is obtained by convection of the liquid in contact with the heating element of a resistor or heat transfer; or by absorption of infra-red radiation.


Heating throughout the liquid volume.
Various liquids can be treated.
Simple technology.


Space heating and hot water equipment: domestic, office, camping.
Consumption of liquids for restaurants.
Manufacturing of chemical or medical products and processes.

Potential Market

New installations and renewal of water- heaters and radiators, microwave heat transfer packaged applied to the other markets.

Marketing Context

When a heating process most occurs dynamically for a various liquids, the system proposed is ideally adapted.

Licensing Agreement

Transfer free of licensing fees; possible technical assistance  available with an exclusive consultancy agreement.

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