1. Thorpac’s pleasing range of microwave cookware is moulded from Polysulfone which is the premier, most-proven material for such applications, as shown decisively in American markets.

2. Integral moulding of support braket, openings, mounts on Polysulfone hot-water tank cuts costs of making vending machines of hot beverages.

3. General Foods new patented institutional coffee service system, uses Polysulfone as the high strength transparent component of this new bowl. Similar coefficients of thermal expansion permits a sealed-on stainless steel bottom which provides heat resistance for direct contact with electric hot plates. The bowl is moulded and assembled by Williams Industries, Shelbyville, Indiania.

4. Polysulfone replaces brass for heavy-duty cartridge components in Grohe’s water mixing taps; by vertue of its inherent resistance to thermal shock, low coefficient of thermal expansion, dimensional stability.

5. Polysulfone is used in the body of a reusable syringe injector. Transparency and sterilizable by all methods, polysulfone replaced polycarbonate, which failed in steam exposures.The injector is about one-fourth the weight and cost of its stainless steel predecessor.

6. The translucent case of this industrial battery from Sab Nife is moulded from a flame-retardant grade of Polysulfone, to close tolerances in a straight- forward manner.

7. Many parts of Metratron milking systems of Westfalia Separator’s AG, are manufactured from Polysulfone. Transparency, impact strength and moldability, make Polysulfone the choice for a wide variety of dairy industry milk-handling applications.

8. The triple port connector of the Cardiomet 4000, a medical instrument for continuous monitoring of the blood gaz parameters, is injection-moulded from Polysulfone.The leading requirements included those of clarity, strength, stiffness, and sterilisability.

9. JG Speedfit fittings, moulded in Polysulfone make quick interconnections for plastic piping.

10. Polysulfone’s excellent surface properties are put to good use in metallised reflectors used in Zeiss-Ikon’s Perkeo Compact slide projector.

All these comments and associated images are extracted from “Designing” brochures of Amoco Performance Products with their kind permission. The above mentioned products are manufactured from UDEL® polysulfone. UDEL is registred trademark of Amoco Performance Products, Inc. and Amoco Chemical (Europe) S.A.

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