Electromagnetic requirements

The wave guide section is chosen to ensure the microwave propagation at 2.45 GHz with the TE10 mode, as a sheilding from microwaves is necessary, [2], [ 8 ].

Mechanical requirements

Polysulfone has the advantage of great resistance to breaking and chipping [9].

Thermal requirements

Polysulfone is characterised by a particular low microwave absorption and by a high resistance to ageing with a high continuous use temperature (140-160°C), [9].

Chemical requirements

Polysulfone is characterised by a high stability to hydrolysis at elevated temperature [9]. For the other liquids, one will refer to the numerous experimental data [9]. For specific applications with contamination control such as semiconductor processes, PFA or PTFE teflon® will be able to protect the liquid from polysulfone ; one can use a double-injection of teflon in the inner of the pipe. The typical properties of UDEL® polysulfone , an advanced sulfone polymer , meet the requirements. UDEL is registred trademark of Amoco Performance Products, Inc. and Amoco Chemical (Europe) S.A. Teflon is registred trademark of DuPont

Microwave heat transfer design

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