The fabrication method consists of :

  1. Manufacture of the heat transfer in a high performance technopolymer, a polysulfone for instance, by using the injection-moulding process. In the case of more than one part, assembly of the parts by ultrasonic welding.
  2. Machining of the stainless steel plate which supports both the magnetron and its power supply.
  3. Assembly of the stainless steel plate with the wave guide by solvent fusion or by direct heat sealing.
  4. The shielding from microwaves is obtained by the formation of a 100-150µm Zinc projection layer on the outer surface of the wave guide using the arc-spraying method. An alternative method consists of using an electroless process such as electroless copper/nickel.
  5. Using current microwave technology, the microwave supply is a packaged magnetron and power supply with cooling by air, forced air or water.

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