Some companies have been investigating microwave heating of ultra-pure water for semiconductor device manufacture. Most techniques have been based on heating the fluid through the walls of PFA Teflon pipes. “The biggest problem preventing commercialization has been the cost of microwave generators of the sizes required for their applications- typically > 50kW. The microwave generators alone cost approximately four times what complete heaters, based on infrared or direct-contact means, are marketed for in the U.S.A.” commented an American semiconductor equipment supplier. This problem remains in the other market segments.

The purpose of this work is to predevelop an entire new microwave heater design to overcome the above mentioned high manufacturing cost.

Regarding the applications the proposed long-term strategy is to offer a modular microwave heat transfer device as an OEM parts for the industrial equipment market ( Hot Drinks Vending Machine, ..) and then to proceed with technology transfer through joint ventures with partners in other market segments.

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